The UK State Pension is not good enough – we need to end pensioner poverty with a Wellbeing Pension of £235 per week.

Wellbeing Pension Petition Message:

We call on the UK Pensions Minister to commit to ending pensioner poverty in the UK by:

• Raising the basic state pension (including pension credit) to match the Wellbeing Pension of £235.00 per week. The amount needed by pensioners to cover the basic cost of living.

• Reinstating the broken promise to maintain the triple-lock pension guarantee that was a cornerstone of the current Government’s manifesto.

• Compensating pensioners by backdating the triple-lock pensions rise and paying them the amount they should have received. The breaking of the triple lock will cost pensioners up to £487.00 per year, which is unacceptable in the face of the cost of living crises.

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Note: Pensions Policy is the responsibility of the UK Parliament (Westminster). However, the petition will also be presented to the relevant ministers in the devolved governments and administrations of the UK in order to seek their support for the Wellbeing Pension.
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